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About KASM


renowned for developing Korean leaders.


About KASM


renowned for developing Korean leaders.

kasm was founded to IMPROVE the future of the korean peninsula

KASM is a 501(c)(3) organization tirelessly working to empower the future leaders of the Korean Peninsula. Our organization's past and current volunteers and members have experience in the fields of finance, economics, international development, business management, law, and social activism. We value collaboration, friendship, and personal growth.

Mission: direction, empowerment, and support FOR NORTH KOrean defectors and south koreans with global mindsets.

KASM's mission offers a distinct approach to leadership and education. The Korean American Sharing Movement cultivates leadership and understanding for the Korean Peninsula. Our organization fulfills an important need: the development of human capacity. Through developing leaders who are connected with an engaged network, we contribute to a peaceful and mutually-beneficial reconciliation of the two Koreas. 

On the exact 10 year anniversary of my escape from North Korea, I celebrated the US Independence Day in Washington DC with participants in KASM’s Washington Leadership Program.
— 2016 WLP Participant
The WLP has been a great opportunity to broaden my scope and improve my leadership skills.
— WLP 2014 Participant


Over 20 years of impact and progress

WLP 2010_Mount Vernon.jpg

partners and supporters

partners and supporters

kasm appreciates its Partners and supporters from past and present


Unikorea (tongil nanum) foundation

The Tongil Nanum foundation was established in 2015 to support programs and research related to reunification. Since 2017, The Washington Leadership Program has been selected for financial support from a pool of competitive applicants.


The east asia national resource center at the george washington university

The East Asia National Resource Center provides language and regional studies for the George Washington University and the community. The East Asia NRC and the George Washington University Institute for Korean Studies have generously supported the Washington Leadership Program with an invaluable space for workshops and lectures.



Open society foundations

Open Society Foundations provided financial support to WLP and hosted the program’s participants for a thought-provoking discussion session in New York City. 


the george washington university institute for korean studies

The George Washington Institute for Korean Studies (GWIKS) is a university-wide Institute housed in the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University. GWIKS and the East Asia NRC have generously supported the Washington Leadership Program with an invaluable space for workshops and lectures.



OKF - Overseas Koreans Foundation

The OKF supports overseas Koreans who endeavor to establish themselves as exemplary members of society in their own countries while maintaining their ties to Korea. The Overseas Koreans Foundation has provided KASM financial support since 2016. We sincerely appreciate their support and cooperation.



Citizens alliance for north korean human rights

NKHR is the first NGO fully devoted to the advancement of human rights in North Korea. For many years, NKHR was a crucial partner in our Washington Leadership Program and hosted pre-travel orientations for our students.






Korea Hana Foundation

The Korea Hana Foundation (KHF) is a non-profit public organization established by Korean Government ‘the Ministry of Unification’ in 2010. It was founded to "Act on the protection and settlement support for North Korean refugees." The Korea Hana Foundation collaborated with KASM for the 2016  Washington Leadership Program.


Sejong Society of Washington DC

Sejong Society of Washington, DC is a non-profit, volunteer organization with the objective of inspiring next generation of Korea and Northeast Asia specialists.  KASM has collaborated with Sejong Society to deliver public events with the WLP participants.



Korean American community foundation

The Korean American Community Foundation endeavors to develop communities through grant making and capacity-building assistance.  The Foundation's Steering Committee, which consists of Korean American young professionals, hosted participants of the Washington Leadership Program for a public event in New York City in 2014.