KASM develops Leaders

The Korean American Sharing Movement (KASM) is a group of high-impact, socially-conscious individuals who are preparing for the successful reunification and reintegration of the two Koreas. We hope that the two Koreas and other interested groups will cooperate to realize a peaceful reunification. Such a reunification, we believe, would set an influential example for many other divided populations around the world.

Our programs and efforts fill a void that exists in recent North Korea-focused initiatives: the development of human capacity. We believe in the empowerment of South Koreans and North Korean defectors to lead the immense task of uniting a divided population.

KASM played a crucial role in my US education. Because of KASM’s Washington Leadership Program, I was able to see what I could contribute for a smooth transition on the Korean Peninsula.
— WLP 2013 Participant, a North Korean defector, who studied and earned a Bachelor's degree in the US after the WLP