kasm appreciates its Partners from past and present

Open society foundations

Open Society Foundations provides financial support to WLP and hosts the program’s participants for a thought-provoking discussion session in New York City.


tongil nanum foundation

The Tongil Nanum foundation was established in 2015 to support programs and research related to reunification. They have generously supported our work to provide a world-class Washington Leadership program.


OKF - Overseas Koreans Foundation

The OKF overseas Koreans to establish themselves as exemplary members of the society in their own countries while maintaining their national ties. We have partnered with the Overseas Koreans Foundation since 2016. We sincerely appreciate their support and cooperation.


 Sejong Society

Sejong Society

Sejong Society of Washington DC

Sejong Society of Washington, DC is a non-profit, volunteer organization with the objective of inspiring next generation of Korea and Northeast Asia specialists.  KASM has collaborated with Sejong Society to deliver public events with the WLP participants.



Citizens alliance for north korean human rights

NKHR is the first NGO fully devoted to the advancement of human rights in North Korea. For many years, NKHR was a crucial partner in our Washington Leadership Program and hosted pre-travel orientations for our students.





Korea Hana Foundation

The Korea Hana Foundation (KHF) is a non-profit public organization established by Korean Government ‘the Ministry of Unification’ in 2010. It was founded to "Act on the protection and settlement support for North Korean refugees." The Korean Hana Foundation has hosted essential pre-travel orientation programs for our Washington Leadership Program.


Korean American community foundation

The Korean American Community Foundation endeavors to develop communities through grant making and capacity-building assistance.  KASM collaborates with the Foundation’s Steering Committee, which consists of Korean-American young professionals.